Church mice

During choir practice at my church for the Christmas Eve service this coming Saturday evening, I saw an unusual arrangement on the communion table. The candles were on either side of the cross as usual, but this is what I saw. The candle on the left looked like this

and the candle on the right looked like this. If you have a keen eye and have used the utensils on these candles you know that they are vacuum cleaner attachments. It seems that mice are coming into the church and gnawing on the candle tips so Jesse, who is a high school senior, placed vacuum cleaner attachments over the candles to keep them safe from gnawing teeth. Jesse’s mother is the organist and she is  petrified of mice so a S.W.A.T. team was formed consisting of Jesse and his mother’s sister, Aunt Lynn. Aunt Lynn is in charge of getting rid of the mice. I don’t know how she’s going about it, but she’s “on it”.  We didn’t see any mice during choir practice! That may be a good sign.

Speaking of signs, are there signs that Jesus is coming around your house? It is almost time.

Have a wonderful Christmas. God is with you.



5 comments on “Church mice

  1. Oh that’s funny. Thanks for this refreshment.
    Sign of Jesus’ coming, around here? This year I’ve been burning the window candles all night and in day dimness, as a symbol of constant vigil. I asked myself the weird question, “How would the Apostles and the very early Church have decorated for Christmas?” and that’s what I thought of. Of course, Husband pointed out they would have used oil lamps, but electric candles are the closest I can come without burning down the house! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh yes, mice (and rats – eek) really do enjoy candles! Before my daughter bought her house she had a storage unit in which there was a good sized box of candles. That box was full of droppings and many candles were ruined. The singing of carols is the most prominent sign of His coming in my house . . . and in me, well I walked about 30 steps unaided by cane, crutch or walker this morning. He is truly visiting me with healing.

    • I wonder what it is about candles that draws mice! I thought it was really unique. Ah, well, we have no unique mice. It would be good if we had no mice, hopefully that is so.

      I am very thankful for your 30 unaided steps. You are on your way!

  3. Your post made me smile to see the vacuum pieces on the candles… most original way to keep the mice off… this brought me back to the mice who also liked organs and the result was the song, Silent Night. We will see what miracles come your way 🙂

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